How Fat Grafting Can Benefit You

As you get older, the signs of aging are written all over your face in the form of wrinkles, jowls, drooping eyebrows and frown lines. The skin has larger pores which lead to a loss in elasticity and your skin quality also deteriorates. One of the best ways to combat these issues is to invest in skincare products and fillers to give your facial skin some much-needed rejuvenation.

However, if you are willing to go a step further and book an appointment with a reputable cosmetic surgeon in Thailand, you may be rewarded with a longer lasting and more effective solution. While materials such as retinoic acid and acid peels can have a positive impact in the short term, fat grafting may be a better option.

Fat Grafting Advances

This technique has been part of facial augmentation for quite some time but recent advances have really made it a popular option for patients. The fat grafts are usually harvested from your posterior hips or abdominal wall as these are the places on the body where extra fat is most prevalent.

The surgeon collects the fat in a syringe before removing the serum and injecting the fact into the areas of the face in greatest need of augmentation. Most people look for fat to be injected into the lips, chin and cheeks. It is common for fat grafting to be used during facelifts as it improves the quality and appearance of the skin. The fat that is harvested contains stem cells which greatly aids in the process of giving you younger and better-looking skin.

When you book a fat grafting procedure at a reputable cosmetic surgery clinic in Thailand, please remember that some of the fat will disappear but enough will remain to make you look younger and healthier.