Defining Features of International Schools in Bangkok

Education is a basic need that a massive influence on your kid’s future. For this reason, parents must take time and evaluate several options before taking children to school.


Lately, more parents have been preferring international schools to regular learning institutions.


As per the Family Senior Store, the primary reason why more kids are going to international schools is they offer a universally accepted curriculum, making it easy to move to overseas colleges and universities. Besides this, here are the other defining features of international schools.


Excellent Infrastructure

Most international schools Bangkok have state-of-the-art infrastructure like science labs and libraries. This makes it easier for students to apply theoretical scientific concepts in real life. On the other hand, the libraries are useful for research.


Extra-curricular Activities

Another defining feature of international schools is that they offer several extra-curricula activities. Each institution has its specialty, but common activities include art, drama, and music.


Extra-curricula activities allow your kid's time to refresh the mind before resuming classes. They also enhance sociability and teamwork. Low Student Population


Teachers in regular schools find it challenging to teach effectively because of the huge student population. Contrarily, international schools have fewer students, enabling the instructors to attend to the unique needs of each individual.


Extra Languages

Learning several languages is a valuable skill that can help your kid after school. Although most schools have English as the primary language, they offer lessons in Mandarin, French, German, etc.


When your child is proficient at several languages, they get the upper hand over other candidates during job application, particularly if it is an international organisation. Knowing many languages also broadens their worldview.



These are only but a few of the defining features of international schools in Bangkok. Other crucial benefits of these institutions include focusing on holistic character development and advocating for cultural diversity. Besides being vital to shaping your kid's future, it prepares them for life after school, and makes them more desirable to potential employers.


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