Types of Breast Surgery Procedures in Thailand

There are three main categories of breast surgery in Thailand – augmentation, reconstruction, and reduction.

Breast Augmentation
Breast augmentation is a procedure whose objective is to improve the appearance, contour and size of breasts. Different people have their reasons for undergoing this procedure. Some women want to enlarge their breasts to match their body contour; some want to restore the size after breastfeeding, while others want to make the breasts symmetrical.

The method uses implants placed in the armpit, at the lower breast or the nipple. It is worth noting that these implants tend to interfere with the detection of cancer. The breast implants usually contain silicone gel or saline solution.

Breast Reconstruction
Breast reconstruction aims to improve the size and appearance of breasts and recreates the nipple-areola component. It is used in cases where breasts are damaged significantly, causing a woman to lose breast sensations and the ability to breastfeed.

The doctors use the patient’s tissue to recreate the breast. In case they use an implant, it must be sized to match the other breast. Surgeons mostly use the tissue from the lower abdominal wall to recreate breasts, although the back muscle and buttock segments can also work.

Breast Reduction
Besides being uncomfortable, large breasts can cause neck and back pain, skin irritation, and several other weaknesses. Another name for beast reduction is reduction mammoplasty. It involves the removal of excess fat, glandular tissue and skin.

The most significant concern about breast reduction is the extent of scarring, which can be quite substantial. That said, it does not interfere with nipple sensation and milk production. However, patients cannot breastfeed until the wound heals, during which they experience pain and lumpiness. After the wound heals, women usually stop experiencing the discomfort associated with large breasts.

Breast Lifts
The least prevalent form of breast surgery is breast lifts. It is performed on women whose skin cannot support the weight of their breasts, which causes sagging. This happens due to the presence of excess skin as compared to breast tissue. The remedy to this condition is the removal of the excess skin. If you are looking for Breast Augmentation service in Thailand please visit Nida Esth.