Important questions to ask when having a hair transplant in Thailand

Many people in Thailand associate hair loss or balding with aging. It’s for this reason that more and more people are going for hair transplants in Thailand. However, before you make that decision to visit a hair transplant surgeon you need to ask your surgeon the following questions.
What is the success rate of the transplant?
The success rate should be very high up to 98%. Therefore, the surgeon must be highly qualified and experienced. They must also be certified by the medical board.
Will the transplant be a permanent solution to your hair loss?
If you are worried about your hair loss, then worry no more as hair transplant or grafting is considered as a permanent solution to balding. The hairs are normally taken from the permanent areas mostly the back of the head.
Will a hair transplant work?
Despite the success rate being 98%, the hair transplant may not offer the perfect solution to hair loss. This is so because hair loss may be attributed to other factors like genetic or skin conditions that make it hard even for donated hair to grow.
Will there be side effects after a hair transplant?
This is one of the questions that might be disturbing you. You should be able to discuss with your doctor about the possible side effects. These may include; bleeding, infection, scalp swelling, itching, inflammation, and numbness on the treated areas. Your doctor will prescribe to you some medicine and advice you on a proper diet after the surgery.
How long does it take to heal after a hair transplant?
The areas that donated the hair recover very fast. Within one week, the hair grows back. However, where the grafting was done, it can take some few months for the hair to grow. You should be able to return to your normal daily routine in a few days after the surgery.
What is the cost of the transplant?
Hair transplant is mostly considered a cosmetic procedure and most insurance companies don’t cover this. It’s a costly procedure, therefore you need to budget well in advance.
The most important procedure for a hair transplant is that which will offer a long-lasting solution to hair loss.
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